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Tournament Results

PLG Wins 2019 4 Club Championship

4clubTrophy 337 x 600 168 x 300

Each year, PLG competes in a 4 Club Round Robin (Home & Away) Tournament against players (20 from each club) from Indian Mound, Lake Kezar and Ridgewood. Players compete for 2100 points per match, 8400 points total. The final match was hosted by Indian Mound on 8/12. This year's 4 Club Champions are, the players of Province Lake Golf. After 80 Matches over 4 weeks, PLG came out on top by 34 points over second place Lake Kezar:

  • PLG  - 2254.5 points
  • Lake Kezar - 2220.5 points
  • Ridgewood - 2207 points
  • Indian Mound -1958 points

Congrats to all the players from PLG -- GREAT JOB!

Bob Murphy Frank Rago Pete Collins Mark Memoli
Neil Shaw Jack Tandus Dave Johnson Art Gregory
Ray Chartrain Paul Miller Skip Theiling Peter Campbell
Bill E Jones Bob Beatty Howie Prior Jerry Janelle
Tyler Fenderson  Mike Kasprzak  Tucker Vye  Bill Schapert
Mark Terry  Dick Grant  Dave Mills  Don St Germain
 Kevin Biehl  Mike L'Equier  Dave Downs  Steve Wilson