Begins November 30th, 2016.

Entry Fees:

$5 cash prize pool fee required. Weekly cash prizes for 1st place individual and, Closest to Pin

Rules / Format of Play:
Quota: 1-bogey, 2-par, 4-birdie, 6-eagle, 8-dbl eagle.
Handicaps will be revised bi-weekly.
Gimmes: 5 foot gimmes will be used.
Maximum Score for any hole is a Double Bogey.

“Tee Times”
To better schedule all the play on the simulator, the following is the amount of time allowed for various group sizes and will be in effect for league play:

Groups of 4: Will be allotted two hours to complete the 9 hole round.
Groups of 3: One and 1/2 hours.
Group of 2: One hour.
Single player: 1/2 hour

With normal course set-up and 5′ gimme, players should be able to comfortably complete the 9 holes while still enjoying themselves. Thank you for your cooperation and your participation.

2017 Individual Simulator League Information, Rules, and Guidelines

1. When checking in to play you must pay your $15.00 fee in advance. You also must have your $5.00 prize pool which includes 1st place individual and CTP.

2. Men’s and Women’s Tee options will be noted.

3. You must keep your score on the scorecard provided for you at the beginning of the round. Please do not count on computer to keep your score as it is, well, a computer.

4. If the computer shuts down, freezes, or glitches, you can restart where you finished if the computer saves the game. If the game is not salvageable, then we will restart to where the last hole was completed.

5. There are no mulligans, however, the mulligan feature won’t be turned off in case of an accident or glitch. This league is played on the honor system. We expect everyone to play fairly; if it is discovered that you are not playing within the parameters, you will be removed from the league and not allowed to participate in any other future leagues. If you have a question that can’t be answered by the staff that is there, email me at

6. All communication for the league will be in email form. Each week we will email the results. We will also post them on Facebook.

7. The handicaps will be based on current HC. We will adjust handicaps bi-weekly based on performance.

8. Payoffs will be determined after all rounds for the week have been played. Money can be collected in the Pro Shop the following week.

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