Sunday Quota League

Format: 18 holes of individual play using a quota scoring system. 2 person teams will then be drawn blind and their combined scores used to determine standings and prizes.

Members: The league is open to all men and woman that enjoy playing golf. All skill levels are welcome.

League Times:  Play will commence on Sunday Afternoon at 12pm. Play must commence before 2:30PM. Some play before 12P may be allowed. Please call the Pro-Shop for a Tee Time (or -- use our on-line Tee Time System).

Fees: $5 will be collected BEFORE the Quota round is played. An additional Skins Pool is also available. The Pro shop personnel will keep the funds and a list of competing members.

Quota Target: Your Target is determined by subtracting your handicap from 36. For Example: If your H/C is 20, then 36-20=16. 16 Is your target. You score points, on a hole by hole basis, per the following table by scoring bogeys or better. If you don’t have an official handicap, then your first round will determine your initial target. If you score 16 points for your first round, then your first round target will be set to 16.

1pt - Bogey
2pts - Par
4pts - Birdie
6pts - Eagle

Scores are determined by subtracting your quota target from your actual points. Example: your target is 20 and you score 22. You would be +2. If you scored 17, you would be -3. Actual points will be used as a tie breaker. 2 man teams will be determined after the fact by blind draw. If an odd number of players play, then a blind draw will be used to select a player to play on two teams.

Prizes – Approximate payouts:

  1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place Ist Place  2nd Place
 #Of Players  (Team) (Team) (Team) (Individual) (Individual)
 4 - 10 60%  40%  - - -
 11-16 60%  30% - 10%  -
 17- 24 50%  30%  10%  10%  -
 25+ 40%  30%  10%  10%  10% 

Note: Players with Handicaps greater than 36 can play, but their handicaps will be limited to a maximum of 36. Members handicaps will be maintained by this league based solely on performance within this league. Handicaps will be reviewed and adjusted as necessary following every game played. Handicaps will go up or down by 1 if the quota is +/- 2 from the target. If more than 2, then the quota will be adjusted by 2.

Foul Weather: If the match is stopped due to dangerous weather, then the match is not counted and entry fees will be refunded. In foul weather, if greater than 50% of the players complete 18 holes then the match will count and prizes will be awarded. If less than 50% complete 18 holes but greater than 50% complete 9 holes, then the match will be counted based on the 9 hole quotas.


Rules of Play:
1. USGA rules apply unless specifically stated otherwise
2. Players must play with other paid members to attest the score.
3. Men play Blue tees (or Orange at their own discretion), Ladies play Purple, and Seniors (70+) may play Yellow
4. Turn in Score card to pro shop at conclusion of round. Add up quota points and +/- points relative to target.
5. Have FUN

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