We had 23 golfers play the quota last Sunday. Another good turnout.
  • Don Cormier (+3) & Paula Harvey (+7) won 1st place team (+10) for $28 each.
  • Dave Mills (+7) & Steve Wilson (+2) won 2nd place team (+9) for $16 each.
  • Tom Reardon (+3) & Karen Asbury (+1) tied 3rd place team for $3 each.
  • Mike Singleton (0) & Gloria Leveille (+4) tied for 3rd place team for $3 each.
Paula Harvey (+7) & Dave Mills (+7) tied for 1st place individual for $5 each.
There were 4 skins won with each skin worth $13.
Karen Asbury #18; Don Cormier #11; Keith Cormier #10; Mike Singleton #9.
To accommodate the conditions of competition associated with the club championship qualifying rounds likely to be played during the quota, we will be playing the ball DOWN this Sunday. Also, if you play from a tee not normally played for your quota, an adjustment to your quota points will be made.
With all of that being said, it appears that we are once again in store for some very nice weather, so make a tee time and come play.