ThursdayLeague68 600 x 337

We had fantastic weather on Thursday.  Sunny and warm with a slight breeze to keep the bugs away.

Even better than the golf was the fantastic spread of appetizers that Sabin and Chris provided for us after the round.  Hopefully we all met our new league members at the Happy Hour.  For the 30 of us that played and ate, it was a great day.

Speaking of great days, the Collins family went home happy (and not hungry).  Pete had the low gross for the day of 39.  Pat was on fire with:  Low net of the day at 27, closest to the pin on #14 at 3’, and the lowest “Best of the Best” with a net 0 (zero) on #14!

Joy Chartrain beat our Dick Chartrain with the longest putt on #18 of 20’ 2”.

The Game of the Week:  Best of the Best – was very competitive as 4 teams tied with a total team score of 8 points.

  • Dick Chartrain, Vince Kennedy, Ginny Ryan, Blind Draw
  • Betsy McDowell, Steve Colello, Jenn Lajoie, Vivian Chartrain
  • Dick Grant, Connie Racine, Herb Vrettos, Pat Collins
  • Scott Inman, Paul Bartram, Deb Kingsley, Blind Draw

 Again, our thanks to Sabin and Chris for the wonderful happy hour appetizers!