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Thursday Mixed League

Mixed League - Week 1

Not everyone is a fan of summer heat but if you look at the positive side of the heat it’s great for golf. Why you ask, because you can use it as an excuse why your game was so bad. “I would have played better if sweat wasn’t dripping into my eyes as I teed off ”! Perfect bring on more heat so we don’t have to be responsible for our game, We need excuses!! It still was a great day, we got to see our buddies after a long winter. Can’t wait for everyone to be back on their Thursday Mixed League schedule. There were some good plays today with a few birdies and our newest member Laurie getting an Eagle on hole 4. Well done Laurie. Course and grounds look great, it’s going to be a great season!

1st Place Team 67
Connie, Ginny, Laurie and Blind Draw Kathy
2nd Place Team 75
Ray, Paula, Nancy N and Noreen
3rd Place Team 76
Frank, Kathy, Heather and Blind Draw Nancy A

CTP Nancy N 20’
LP. Steve N 22’3.5” Family Affair

Low Gross Betsy 39
Low Net. Nancy N 32

Any mistakes I will use my excuse of “It’s too hot, there's sweat in my eyes I can’t read the cards lol”!

Nancy N 13
Laurie 10
Steve Nic 10
Betsy 8
Ray 6
Connie 5
Ginny 5
Noreen 3
Paula 3
Frank 1
Heather 1
Kathy 1


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