The day was a little wet, cool and with a few bugs but nine ladies enjoyed a fun filled round of golf.  There were no chip-ins so the money will carry over to our next game day.

This week the game of the week was a “Hat Pick”, which meant you drew a hole number and the stroke adjustment to your score on that hole.  The stroke adjustment was –1,+1, –2 and the best one +2.  That last one caused a lot of groans, but the –2 ladies were thrilled!  But we had soldiered through the bugs and the weather, certainly we could make it through this and we did.  Here are the lucky winners.

So next week for Opening Day we are ordering up sunshine, warmth and minimum bugs... hope to see you all there!!

1st Low Gross Connie Racine 45
2nd Low Net Pat Collins 26
Putts Jennie Inman 17