There was rain and thunderstorms in the forecast Tuesday, but we were in our own dry world at Province Lake and never felt a drop while we were playing, even saw sunshine.  It didn’t inspire anyone to make a chip-in.......which is now up to $10,  but Nancy Fruhbeis did make a birdie on hole 5. Congratulations Nancy!  Then we all wondered what the “Mystery Game” was as we were playing each hole, it turned out to be High Putts.  So the winnings this week all have to do with putting, the high and low winners.  See you Tuesday for another fun game and your chance to win the chip-in money!
1st High putts Debbie Kingsley 21 $3.00
2nd High putts Paula Inglee 19 $2.30
Low Putts Liz Kennedy 16 $1.00
1st High Putts Marian Menelly 21 $3.00
2nd High Putts Noreen Downs 20-c $2.35
Low Putts Nancy Fruhbeis 15 $1.00
1st High Putts Ellen Ghirlandi 25 $3.00
2nd High Putts Joan Cowen 23 $2.35
Low Putts Geneva Clifford 18 $1.00