Well..... we have hit the mid mark of our season and the time is flying by way too fast! The mid-season meeting was held Tuesday before teeing off and playing the game of the week, “Paula’s 5 Minus”, which gives you 5 points for hitting in the fairway and then deducting putts. Connie and Jane were fortunate to hit every fairway except one giving them numbers in the high plus group, but there was a very wide range of minus to plus scores. Congratulations to all our winners this week. There was no chip-in either, so the kitty will continue to grow. See everyone Tuesday!!
1st Connie Racine 25 $3.00
2nd Jennie Inman 13 $2.30
Putts Sharon Bird 14 $1.00

1st Nancy Fruhbeis 12 $3.00
2nd Judy Hassett 10 $2.35
Putts Noreen Downs 17 $1.00

1st Jane Derby 22 $3.00
2nd Carol Clark 16 $2.35
Putts Joy Chartrain 17-c $1.00