Well once again we were the lucky ladies who got to play golf Tuesday without one drop of rain.  Happy dance time!!!!!  (I know we may be too old for that but...would be fun)   The course was a little “soggy” but the clouds brought no rain and those that went on to play 18 even had sunshine.  No rain and good golf produced good results.  Congratulations Ellen and Laurie, the practice and hard work paid off as they shot their lowest gross scores of the  league season..... and we have weeks left for them to score even lower.  Our birdie ladies of the week are Noreen and Paula,  who both birdied hole 5.  The game of the week “TSF” was scoring fun as so many got the same gross, net and even birdie scores, so after many trips to the cards here are the winning results.  Another good week, see you next Tuesday!
Low Gross Paula Inglee 29-c $3.00
Low Net Sharon Bird 22-c $2.35
Putts Connie Racine 16-c $1.00
Low Gross Laurie Willson 30 $3.00
Low Net Judy Hassett 23 $2.30
Putts Noreen Downs 20 $1.00
Low Gross Ellen Ghirlanda 33 $3.00
Low Net Joan Cowen 21 $2.35
Putts Joy Chartrain 19-c $1.00