15 AUGUST 2017

Another good golf day which was made even better for me by the happy birthday serenade I received from the ladies, which included harmony by Geneva. Thank you so much!!!

There were a few groans when the game of the week was changed to Paula’s 5 minus because we were on the back 9, guess people couldn’t remember how it was scored. Or maybe it was because you had to hit the fairway for the 5 points to start and it is more difficult to do that on the back 9 AND you had to make low putts.

Anyway as before when the game was played the range was wide between the plus and minus scores, but Jennie hit every fairway except 10 to get a high score for A flight and Pat Collins and Carol Clark only missed two fairways making them the winners in their flights. Jennie then went on to make a birdie on 14 and Ginny birdied 12, congrats to our birdie ladies of the week.

There were no chip-ins, so next Tuesday we will have 4 weeks of kitty for the lucky winner. Congratulations to all the winners, see you Tuesday for more fun and games!

1st Jennie Inman 25 $3.00
2nd Liz Kennedy 18 $2.35
Putts Debbie Kingsley 14 $1.00

1st Pat Collins 15 $3.00
2nd Jenn Lajoie 9 $2.35
Putts Marcia Colello 19 $1.00

1st Carol Clark 15 $3.00
2nd Ellen Ghirlanda 10 $2.30
Putts Joan Cowen 18-c $1.00