3s AND 5s

We had a hot day with some heated golf! Who knew that a game using 4 holes could cause so many ladies to have the same scores, and like Connie said “channel the energy to have good shots on those holes”.

Then the chip-in lottery motivated 3 ladies to chip-in, Debbie on hole 3, Ginny on hole 8, and Laurie on 9. And ....Connie had a birdie on hole 1.

So after all that how do we top that next week, we all will have to show up to find out. Congratulations ladies on a great week and see you Tuesday!

Low Gross - Liz Kennedy 19-c $3.65
Low Net - Paula Inglee 15-c $2.00
Putts - Debbie Kingsley 16 $1.00

Low Gross - Pat Collins 19 $3.65
Low Net -Judy Hassett 13-c $2.00
Putts -Jenn Lajoie 15 $1.00

Low Gross -Ellen Ghirlanda 21 $3.70
Low Net - Carol Clark 15-c $2.00
Putts - Geneva Clifford 16 $1.00