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Tuesday Morning Ladies League

Tuesday Morning Ladies League Results - 6/16

What a beautiful golf day. And the birdies were out today. There were four of them.
Betsy on # 5, Deb and Sharon on # 6 and Christine on #7. I believe Christine's may have been a chip in as well. Congrats to all of the Birdie ladies.

The game of the week was only Odd Holes Count. Thanks to Sharon for taking it easy on us again this week.
Congrats to all of the flight winners.....Scores were competitive this week. See you all next week.


A Flight
1st Place Barb 19
2nd Place Betsy 21 Card Off

B Flight
1st Place Christine 22
2nd Place Jenn 24 Card Off

C Flight
1st Place Noreen 24
2nd Place Evelyn 27