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Bucket League Overview

Men's Bucket League

New Players Welcome Any Time During The Year

The Bucket League is a Wednesday 18 Hole Men’s League (Tee Times Starting at 11:00). New Teams will be drawn by computer each week based on the number of players signed-up. You can sign upon a week by week basis – play when you can. To sign-up, send an email to Dave Johnson at duckydave107@gmail.com.

  • Formats -- New format each week which will include two, three and four man team formats..
    • Players will always play their own ball (no scramble formats)
  • Teams -- will normally be flighted based on handicap.
    • We will have a few blind draw formats (not flighted).
    • Teams will be drawn Monday evening.
    • Teams will be e-mailed to Bucket League Members and, will be posted on Province Lake Golf website on Monday night or Tuesday AM.
  • Sign-Up -- is on a week to week basis based on your availability.
    • You need to let the League Coordinator (Dave Johnson) know by Monday evening of each week if you are playing.
    • You may sign-up via e-mail (duckydave107@gmail.com ), or call Dave Johnson (603-522-6381).
  • Greens Fees
    • Members -- all PLG membership plans are accepted.
    • Non -members – Bucket League Rate -- $55.00 with Cart, $45.00 Walking.
  • Prize Pool – $5.00 (weekly) in addition to Greens Fee.
    • Includes prizes for closest to pins, long putts, and team scores (based on the total prize pool). All players, including guests will be part of the weekly format and will be required to enter the prize pool.
  • Guests – Members are always welcome to bring a guest (s) during the season.
    • We need a handicap or, average 18 hole score for your guest (s).
    • All guests will be part of your foursome, must be included in the competition (required to contribute to the $5.00 weekly Prize Pool).
  • Handicap
    • I will have a Bucket League Handicap for each player based on just your play in the League. New players will start with any existing handicap for the first 3 weeks of play.
  • Tees - Players may play from the Blue, White or Purple Tees based on age and ability.
    • You will be able to change your Tee Preference but, on a limited basis.
    • For development of teams each week, all players will be assigned to the White Tees.
    • You will need to let the League Coordinator know if you will be playing from a tee other than the default tees (White).

League Objectives:

  • Have Fun. Play 18 holes weather permitting.
  • Play your own ball at all times.
  • Play with different players each week.
  • Compete for Closest To The Pin, Long Putt and Team Prizes.

League Rules - USGA Rules apply with the exception of all Posted Local Rules and, the following "League Rules":

  • Breakfast Ball on your First Hole Only if needed, you may hit a second tee ball. The purpose of this rule is to allow you to get off to a good start. If you hook a ball left into the woods, slice a ball across 153 etc., you may hit another ball. This rule is not meant to allow players to see how far they can hit another club etc. If your first ball is in-play, do not hit another ball.
    No Breakfast Ball on a Par 3 – if we have shotgun start for any event your Breakfast Ball will be on the next hole.
  • Provisional Lies -Tree Line To Tree Line -- width of our score card, no closer to the hole. Please use your club (roll the ball) not your hand to improve your lie under this "League" Rule. Do not pick the ball up or clean the ball unless Lift, Clean & Place is posted by the Pro Shop due to wet course conditions.
  • Lost Ball Red Stakes or White Stakes (Stroke Penalty) – areas marked by Red Stakes (lateral hazard) or White Stakes (OB) – with the help of the other players in your group, determine where the ball crossed the margin of the hazard – drop a ball two club lengths from the margin of the hazard under penalty of One Stroke. DO NOT GO BACK TO HIT ANOTHER BALL.
  • Rock & Root Rule (Fairway & Ruff Only) -- our objective is to play golf and have fun without injury or damage to our clubs. If your ball is on a rock or root or in a position that you may hit a rock or root during your swing, you may roll the ball away (ONLY THE DISTANCE REQUIRED TO ALLOW RELEIF FROM THE ROCK, ROOT ETC.) from that type of a situation without penalty under the Unplayable Lie Rule. In all other situations (in the woods etc.), USGA Rules apply. This does not apply to balls against a rock wall (i.e. behind 15th hole etc.) – unplayable – drop – 1 stroke.
  • Putts No Gimmes - put the ball in the hole. We all have a different idea of what length putt is, “a Gimme Putt”. In fairness to all players, put the ball in the hole on every hole. If the ball does not go in, you have not finished the hole.
  • Handicaps --will be a Max of 30.
  • Blind Draws
    • If we are short a player(s) as we are assigning teams, we will allow our computer program to select blind draws. The player’s who score is selected for a blind draw, will not be part of that team with regards to the Flag Pool.